Dura Coat Products has a full range of technology for all coil coatings and uses.
Dura Coat Products extrusion coatings serve both architectural and window markets.
Dura Coat Product’s tube coating technology is well proven in the tubing industry.
Dura Coat Products uses cool pigments, high solids and has reduced harmful raw materials.
Why choose Dura Coat Products
Founded in 1986 by Dr. Mike Hong, Dura Coat Products, Inc. has developed into one of the industry’s most respected resin and coatings chemical companies. Through continuous innovations and developments, we expanded to coil coatings and spray coating for aluminum extrusions. Our innovations that solve paint problems through research and development in resins and coating technology still continue today. We are focused on eco-friendly solutions to reduce our carbon foot print and do our part in protecting the environment. (see video)


Murphy House, Lake Michigan (see video)

Trump Tower Hawaii (see video)

XT40 Ceranamel (see video)

Hawaiian Preparatory Academy (see video)



Meet Our Team

Dura Coat specializes in the development and manufacture of premium performance coatings for the protection of metal substrates.

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